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Indulge me.

Oh lord, it’s another post speculating about the nature of existence. Pack up your bowls and bear with me.

Perhaps what we perceive to be “gods” in nature are emergent gestalt entities born of similar, complimentary thoughtforms.

Perhaps “thoughtform” is not an adequate term, inasmuch as other living creatures most likely do not “think” in the same manner as humans– but we mold our perception of their so-called “mental” behavior into forms and mannersims that easily relate to our own experiences. A tulip probably does not have a conscious or subconscious mind, but perhaps it possesses an internal “dialogue” about how it must react to the world around it, possibly as a byproduct of the transmission of its sensory data. Thus, there is some worth to the notion of “inherited memory” that tells plants when to move from a vegetative to flowering state– or that wild animals have instinctual knowledge not to eat particular bugs or plants. Feeling “god” in nature can probably be attributed to the act of experiencing the cacaphony of this unrestrained proto-mental traffic. This is not to say that the gestalt “godform” does not exist, but it is such a primitive conscious force that assigning names, dogmas and ideologies to it is a product of narrow-minded anthropocentricism. “The Forest” as a singular, conscious entity does not have opinions about human morality, finances or arbitrary dietary restrictions– but is instead primarily concerned with its own survival. It does not see the act of burning incense and ringing bells as a signal to confer wealth or luck on the hapless hippie performing these silly incantations. The most any of this sort of action can achieve through any manner of ritual is to make a subtle suggestion to the immediate nodes of the primitive consciousness that surrounds them that they do not wish to be perceived as a threatening entity. This attention can hardly be classified as the same thing as the cartoonish summoning of swirling cosmic vortices typical in Anime or comic books. Oh, sure, the Magicqkican will claim that only they can see these “energies” and that they’re quite real to the initiated– but this deliberate fuzzy thinking is (at best, anyway) a form of self-induced schizophrenia, no different from the gibbering masses at Benny Hinn revivals who swear they can see the holy spirit manifested in front of them.

The whole point of this is that if there are extra-dimensional beings out there, it’s incredibly arrogant to assume they’d take any form that’s in any manner comprehensible or understandable by humans. “It” isn’t even of this physical dimension!

Assuming there is any higher thought-form is taking a big leap, but that big leap involves considering other aspects: namely, this extra-dimensional 10th plane-of-existence being probably doesn’t have anything resembling “manners.” Hell, its “hello” might consist of frying your central nervous system– but “it” most likely doesn’t have any concept of how to hold a seminar, make videos or run a publishing company, which should speak volumes about the type of people who attempt to pass themselves off as human vessels for “alien entities.”

Look, if there is an extra-dimensional consciousness, you wouldn’t need some bum in a sparkly blue leotard to speak for it. It’d speak directly to you. The most you can do is realize that there’s going to be no way to relate your experiences to anyone else.


About the “third way”

-If you express solidarity with oppressed people, do so out of compassion for them– not because you hate the ethnicity of the oppressor. If the roots of your solidarity come from the desire to woo people to your form of genocide, you are a liar and you are my enemy.

-Fascists and nazis would have you believe their way is the “third way” or the middle road. It is not. Fascism is capitalism with the gloves off, as they say. The “middle road” between fascism and “communism” (which they use as a catch-all term for anti-authoritarianism, regardless if it’s stalinist communism) is capitalism. It is only this because it combines the worst attributes from both wings into one mess.

-You cannot be against capitalism and for fascism. I suppose this illustrates the stupidity of modern fascists; Mussolini himself referred to fascism as “corporatism.” To that end, “anti-capitalist” fascists are lying to you and to themselves.

-Modern fascism disguises itself as “the third way.” This combines anti-capitalist and leftist-populist rhetoric with right wing mysticism and nationalist-paleoconservative foundations. This is evident with the founders of current extremist right-wing groups like Youth For Western Civilization (Kevin DeAnna) being a member of an Asatru group. This is also evident in historically conservative organizations issuing statements about the Israel-Palestine conflict that are essentially identical to those issued by leftist groups; the difference being that the conservative organizations do not hold these points of view out of compassion for Palestinian suffering, but from an animosity towards Jews.

-Modern fascists openly co-opt leftist figures to suit their own needs. White supremacists frequently invoke Rachel Corrie as fodder for their anti-Jew, anti-Marxist screeds, when Rachel Corrie was brought up in the very same “anti-white” and “judeo-bolshevik” environment they condemn. This practice is nothing new– Hitler invoked the name of proto-communist Florian Geyer as an example of German heritage, even though by that point he had been praised as a communist revolutionary by Engels and was featured in the international Marxist anthem “We are the Black Band of Geyer”

-The reason people confuse and conflate “communism” and “fascism” and use them to describe all sorts of practices and tactics– and to slander anything they don’t like– is because they do not understand the economics behind these two systems. Communism and Fascism are distincit economic systems that have little in common. Where they are similar is in social terms– both authoritarian communism and fascism are reactionary and socially conservative systems that have their end results be the state exert its control over the individual.

-The corporation AND the state are mechanisms of oppressive authoritarianism, and anyone who doesn’t think Microsoft or Monsanto is drooling at the prospect of having a private army to enforce their profit margins is either naive or lying.

-Fundamentalist christians with money and political power honestly believe that a literal state of Israel needs to exist for the literal return of Jesus Christ. These fundamentalists control a significant voting block. When religious conservative politicians talk of defending Israel, they are really pandering to the genocidal fantasies of their fundamentalist constituents. I say genocidal because the other half of that myth is that after Christ returns, he will immediately slaughter two thirds of all Jews, and then convert the last third. This is why the US supports Israel, not because of some ridiculous fantasy cooked up by Tsarists to discredit the Bolsheviks.

-Dogmatic systems like Ayn Rand’s are not intended to be picked over for what works and what doesn’t– they are complete works that you must accept in whole or else you’re a heretic. One’s followers are their legacy, so criticism of them is legitimate, especially in the context of their faithfulness to the original doctrine. If they doing everything Rand told them to do and they’re still a bunch of fanatical drones, then Rand’s religion is at fault.

-Religion got you into this mess. Religion will keep you in this mess. If you make statements about demolishing all mosques, anybody can make that same statement about their own religious structures and use it as a political tool to trick people into committing atrocities, whether it’s blowing up a market with a bag of dynamite or blowing up schools with laser-guided munitions.

-Most people in America today wouldn’t know socialism if it swam up their urine stream and lodged itself in their urethra. Providing health coverage to uninsured Americans isn’t socialism– even the piss-poor watered down shit that they’re trying to pass now isn’t even close to socialism. Voting democrats into office isn’t socialism. Nancy Pelosi is not a socialist. Weak-assed democrats who cave to shitbag republicans even when they have numerical superiority in both houses is not socialism. Socialism is not fascism, nor is it “national socialism”– even though the inclusion of “socialism” seems to baffle the fuck out of goddamned morons who’ve never picked up a fucking encyclopedia to see that they’re entirely antithetical.

-Obama is a HAWKISH CENTER-LEFT POLITICIAN, not the second coming of Stalin. Fascism and nazism are inherently conservative ideologies, albeit in a revolutionary form.

-Where the hell were the teabaggers for the past eight years? Warrant-less wiretapping, dissidents placed on terrorist watch lists, American citizens being spied on by their own government, the widespread use of torture, a war of aggression against –and– illegal occupation of a sovereign nation, corrupt regulatory agencies, imprisonment of journalists and allowing a major city to drown because of corruption– NONE OF THAT inspired any piss-poor “patriot” to get off their shingles-ridden asses, but A GOT-DANGED IZLAMIK DARKIE FRUM KENYA RAISIN TH TAXES ON MAH BOSS is enough for you people to start talking about an armed revolt? And you claim you’re not racist?

-The only rights that capitalists are interested in are the rights of corporations to extract higher profits from consumers. Capitalistic libertarianism inevitably leads to corporate tyranny, with the corporation supplanting the state. Hence, I will not have an advocate of libertarian capitalism tell me anything about my individual rights– it’s like Ingrid Newkirk giving me recipes for VEAL.

On Borders

Human migration occurs for a variety of reasons. Humans move from one area to another to escape war, to escape famine, to pursue prosperity or to farm better land. Since the desire to provide a better life for one’s family is a powerful motivator, humans move to new areas to do exactly that– under the auspices and promise of better wages and better working conditions. This happens nearly every two years in DC, with people following their elected officials to and from the lucrative money mines of US politics.

When the desire for a better life is so great, when the conditions one lives in are so bad, and when the promise of prosperity is so attractive, humans will expend all of their possible effort to obtain that better life. This is a product of desperation, and desperation makes people vulnerable to exploitation.

Companies in the US see in illegal immigration a ready source of cheap labor that does not need any IRS forms, worker’s rights, safety requirements, health insurance, background checks or any of the other errata needed by “legal” workers. Hence, favorable conditions for exploitation. Capitalist apologists for companies who hire illegal immigrants frequently hold up unions as the main reason for why illegal immigrants are hired– their argument centers around profit loss due to the payment of union dues. Hence, companies hire workers who are intimidated into never organizing out of fear of deportation. The apologist’s solution to illegal immigration is to eliminate all unions, so companies will not have to search elsewhere to find cheaper labor. This presupposes that the only reason for illegal immigration is the rebellion of companies against government regulation– it’s ripped from the pages of Atlas Shrugged and it’s just as invalid.

Desperate people are willing to be exploited to get a chance to better their life, and capitalists are all too willing to do the exploiting.