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Why we are hated

Let us then surrender to the notion that our fight is to exist, and our methods are simple persistence. To deny this is high treason against ourselves; that we are possessed of any nobler goal than to live our lives unencumbered by the yoke of the Fascist denigrates that which is core to our being.

We are free. It is the fate of those who enslave their minds to the dogma of rigid order to be those who enslave, and to hate and destroy the things they cannot enslave. Born free, we shall die free, for neither our birth nor death exists to submit to the whims of the Fascist, the Theocrat, the Corporatist. We die when we are ready to die and we are born when we are ready to live. Are we not then reborn every day we commit ourselves to the struggle to live? Do we not die when we yield to the cruelty of those who would have dominion over our innermost thoughts?

The bullet may shatter our lungs, the rod may deform our skulls and the lash may eat away our flesh, but there exists no weapon that can choke the life out of our thoughts. Pity the totalitarian, for he cannot recognize this. His is a world of rigidity, where cause has a dogmatically prescribed and politically approved effect. He thinks that his chemical gas can change minds, and his steel-toed boot can influence votes. Does it? Do his armbands, his starched shirts and criminal thugs convince you that theirs is not only the path to utopia, but that a utopia exists?

We, the free people, know utopia cannot exist. We know this because utopia purports to be pure virtue, but this necessitates the coexistence with pure corruption. The totalitarian claims that their Utopia, once achieved, will drive out all corruption and impurity; but the free person knows this to be false because Utopia must therefore have always existed, and if it were pure virtue, it would never need an army of the demonstrably corrupt to be its ardent proponents. Rather, we free people know that the struggle itself is what matters most, not the goal. The Fascist believes that by simply occupying the arbitrary position of their narrow definition of “utopia” that all will crumble before them. What consternation they must feel when the sub-humans, misfits and undesirables not only continue to exist, but actively resist. We know that living is pain, and those who would have us believe that a mystical cure-all exists for this are lying.

Our very existence does harm to them more than any number of bombs, bullets or ballots. This is why we, the free persons– the Anarchists– are hated.

I wear their hatred proudly.