About activist movements.

All moderately successful or popular activist movements will, like apex marine predators, attract pilot-fish, remoras and other scavengers who will use the momentum of the parent movement as a means to further their own cause without performing the work of the hunt. These scavenger groups will also use their proximity with the parent group to imply tacit endorsement by the parent group even if the parent group is wholly unaware of the scavenger groups’ actions.

In some cases– notably, when the parent group creates secondary or child groups– the scavenger groups will use this time to claim some form of lineage with the parent group, even though none exists. The scavenger groups will cite the age of their groups’ existence, as well as a more “pure” adherence to the parent group’s dogma. At some point, the scavenger group may engage in a form of combat or struggle with the legitimate offspring of the parent group for whatever “rights” or “honor” they feel is owed to them, even though the child groups may be hewing closer to the intent of the parent group than any scavenger group can be capable of doing.

The aims of the scavenger groups will be stated to be identical to those of the parent group, but the actual product will merely be the exoteric purpose of subsistence of the scavenger group, rather than whatever purpose the parent group may have. In this course, the scavenger group may engage in fraud, slander or other underhanded tactics to further its existence, even if the members of the scavenger group do not consciously profess to be engaging in these practices.

The scavenger groups rarely, if ever, aid the parent group– but the antics and bad behavior of the scavenger groups has repeatedly hindered the work of the parent group, if not contributing to the parent groups’ overall downfall. The parent group must mitigate the deleterious effects of scavenger groups if the parent group wishes to succeed. The parent group must also not devote a disproportionate amount of effort to this mitigation, lest it lose control of its purpose.


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