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Ron Paul, the American Third Position Party and Stormfront


Members of the nationalist American Third Position Party (A3P), whose website was defaced by Anonymous, organised Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s meetings and campaigns, according emails hacked by the collective.

Chairman of the British National Party (BNP) Nick Griffin also took part in meetings with Paul and other representatives of A3P.

“According to these messages, Ron Paul has regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with their board of directors,” read a statement from Anonymous.

It also claims that Paul received financial support from other white power groups, such as the online hate forum Stormfront, founded by Don Black, a white supremacist. There is even a photograph of Paul with Black, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and a current member of the American Nazi Party. Paul allegedly refused to return donations from Black and Stormfront. Black told The New York Times that Paul’s newsletter had inspired him to become a supporter.

The sheer amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth from paultards about this is absolutely stunning. Every single possible conspiracy theory has been thrown out in an effort to see what sticks– the FBI did it, the CIA did it, the Mossad did it, Anonymous didn’t do it, Obama did it, the GOP did it, you name it.

The most ridiculous conspiracy theory is the one claiming Anonymous didn’t execute this hack– and TEH PROOFE offered is the page, where, the erstwhile kool-aid drinkers claim, these emails do not exist. EXCEPT THEY DO. FOUR TIMES.And, I should point out, if anyone bothered to actually go to whitenewsnow, you’d see all of them wailing and gnashing their teeth over THE EVIL COMMIE JEW RATS who hacked them!


Well, you learn something new every day.

And today’s lesson is: Jason Thompkins of Harvest Rain is a hitler fetishist. No, really. You know, an actual “esoteric hitlerist“. There’s no weaseling out of this like people like to do with Death in June or Boyd Rice–he’s not utilizing fascist imagery in a completely unoriginal attempt to shock his audience, he honestly belives that adolph hitler is/was the tenth and final avatar of Vishnu, come to earth to end our current age of the Kali Yuga. Furthermore, that link I posted is him bragging about how he’s hand-translating The Golden Ribbon: Esoteric Hitlerism, which was written by another hitler fetishist, Miguel Serrano.

This makes me feel bad that I spent a grand total of 10 dollars picking up two of Harvest Rain’s releases out of the used CD store. I really don’t want this nazi trash in my house, so watch this space as I post the results of their complete and total ontological destruction.

I will remove their artifacts from the physical world, and, in so doing, stab at their heart in the spiritual world. No pasaran! The date and time has been set: January 23, 2:39 AM EST, when the new moon reaches its time of maximum darkness.

Or, if you’re a nazi piece of shit, I’ll sell you each of these at $100 USD each. I promise to donate that money to your local ARA so they can kick your face in.

Conspiracy Theorists in activist movements

The problem with conspiracy theories is that they are an outgrowth of paranoia and religious thinking. Do these have any place in an activist movement? No! Of course not— especially if this movement sources itself from ostensibly secular and skeptical roots. Conspiracy theories exist as a way for entrenched power structures to perpetuate themselves by attempting to convince easily frustrated people that there is a simple answer for every question. Yes, it’s a lot easier to digest the theory that “the Jews did 911” rather than take the time to meticulously unravel the complex, onion-like structure of 30 years of central Asian geopolitics, the opium trade and Reagan/Thatcher era fanatical anticommunism. The ease by which a conspiracy theory can be consumed does not lend any support for its validity, regardless of however many appeals to the size of the audience the purveyor of the theory makes.

The irony of conspiracy theories is that even though they do not stand up to even cursory examination or skepticism, these easy challenges provoke a fevered response from their supporters. If, for example, one attempts to point out that not all bankers are Jews, the person doing this will be immediately labelled one of a number of flowery, absurd insults— “Zionist stooge for the banksters” comes to mind— and any hope for rational discourse is lost. This is a pattern echoed in religious thought wherein people who attempt to point out that the earth could not be only six thousand years old are labelled “satanic.”

The “conspiratorial mindset” thrives on martyrdom and oppression. When persons who are spouting racist conspiracy theories inside activist groups are subsequently removed from these groups, they will run howling and screaming to their theorist comrades about the “harsh injustices and fascist oppression meted out by a decidedly non-revolutionary sock-puppet group which is probably entirely composed of agents from a variety of government intelligence agencies.” The purpose of this action is, of course, to provoke said activist group to stop “censoring” these demonstrably false activities and allow another venue of message delivery— after all, the conspiracist will claim, the “lamestream media” actively works to suppress the activities of these “activists for truth” and what ostensibly anti-authoritarian activist group wants to be tarred with any accusation of hypocrisy?

All of these claims operate around false suppositions. Yes, there is little mention of every half-baked conspiracy theory in mainstream media, just like there is no serious consideration of anything that challenges the dominant social, political and economic order— but this does not mean that the two are linked, nor does it mean that there is some sort of wide-ranging governmental policy to stifle talk about “Reptilian shape-shifters from the Pleidean cluster.” Mainstream media does not discuss alternative political, social or economic processes because doing this invites debate and uneasiness— where it is easier to sell products to a calm, assured audience than an agitated one. The role that conspiracy theorists play in the grand scheme of things is that they fill a niche market in the capitalist system— namely, the market of people who prefer to be easily agitated or frightened and will buy product. Because of this, the conspiracy theory community has created its own media ecology, with an endless array of talk show hosts and websites delivering 24/7 live content to a voracious audience. Conspiracy theorists not only have plenty of bandwidth to push their ideals, they demand that all venues be open to them.

The irony of being labelled a “fascist” by someone who is removed from a group for attempting to push racist conspiracy theories is that the person doing the labelling has probably never read the Encyclopedia Britannica definition of Fascism— written by Benito Mussolini. The common talking point among most conspiracy theorists today is a general advocacy against an intrusive, big-brother style authoritarian government. This is strangely pursued by supporting politicians like Ron Paul who openly advocate for a halt to governmental oversight of businesses and corporations under the guise of “liberty” and “freedom.” This pairs nicely with Mussolini’s definition of fascism being the merger of corporate and state power. The conspiracy theorist then refers to themselves as an “anti corporatist” which only furthers their absurdist image.

The presence of conspiracy theorists wouldn’t be a problem if not for their desire to find possibly receptive audience members to whom the conspiracy theorist lifestyle can be sold— and for the subsequent practice of hijacking movements and changing their goals and purpose to suit their own ends. Put plainly, the conspiracy theorist moves to activist groups because they believe some form of affinity exists between two groups of supposed “anti-corporatists.” In reality, their presence is a product of an unconscious realization that they have exhausted all of their possible social networking potential within the insular conspiracy theorist scene. In other, slightly more rare cases, their presence is due to an effort by a sect of conspiracy theorists to piggy-back on the successes and momentum of the group they are “targeting.”*

The primary danger that conspiracy theorists pose to activist groups is a dereliction of message and reduction in effectiveness. This can manifest itself in many different ways, from an anti-war group turning into an explicitly anti-Semitic group, to an anarchist media collective turning into another mirror of Alex Jones’ propaganda, to an anti-globalization group being turned into a money farm by a new-age cult scam. What must be done is to perform the admittedly unpleasant task of distancing one’s group from elements which will hurt the overall message. It is possible to weather any storm of criticism from the conspiracy theorists as their complaints against the group will last until they have found a new home. It is not “fascist” to not want to be associated with elements that hold no logical sense or purpose for their existence within your group.

*My use of the word “targeting” in this case should not imply that all sects of conspiracy theorists that engage in this behavior do so consciously or with a clear and direct motive or directive from any form of leadership or heirarchy within said sect, although notable examples of intentional hijacking by conspiracy sects/cults has occurred.

The United States of Night, Part II of an endless story.

“Jesus christ, these are the types of people who tear up with patriotic pride at Marine Corps commercials,” I thought, scanning the speakers list. After years of covering leftist and rightist rallies, we had come to realize that the right wingers always started at the exact time they claimed to do so– “six am at the lincoln memorial? SURE!” Stiff, military precision and an unflinching obedience to schedules was something the right wing has down pat– they own this concept. Leftists, however, have a far more flexible attitude towards event planning. This is a very welcome attitude for folks who actually want to attend political events as there’s no pressure to bust your ass to get there. It’s completely lost on me why exactly anyone would want to stand around in the thick soup of a Washington DC summer to be lectured at, but this falls under the same reasoning why any reasonable person would sit on a hard, wooden pew in a cold church every week. That’s the joke, you see– people who attend political rallies are engaging the same mental processes as those who attend church. It doesn’t really matter if you profess to be an atheist or a devout christian, everyone has an insatiable desire to be uncomfortable and listen to fire-and-brimstone being preached by some asshole behind a podium.

The more you work around Washington politics, the more you’re drawn into that horribly insular world of the Beltway. We have our own terminology for the geography around us– everything inside the Beltway is “the inner kingdom” while everything outside of it is bumfuck nowhere. This characterization may sound crude, but it’s rare for denizens of locales inside the beltway to travel too far outside of the steel and concrete embrace of I-495– mistresses, big box stores, booze, cigarettes, the need to escape the chemical circadian rhythm of adderall and ambien and not throw yourself off the 14th street bridge– all of these are minutes away. They didn’t satisfy us. Outside of the need to fling oneself into the gears of history and the curiosity of seeing what sort of lunatic supports an having an officious, robotic appendage of the State demand proof that you’re allowed to exist, what was the purpose of this trip? Couldn’t we simply rely on other people’s reportage of this event, use their photos and repost their article? Everyone does this now, regardless of poisitioning on the political spectrum– reportbacks and posts get recycled, reposted, repurposed and then forgotten. Sometimes if you’re lucky, something you report gets attention from the straight press. Fishing. No, instead of being part of the internet’s echo chamber, we were going to go out and GET that damned story. But what WAS the story? Were we expecting Greece? Or Bangkok? The bare bones of the story weren’t terribly sexy– “Anti-immigrant group attended by some; former congressmen, current candidates and other political figures were present.” No, the story wasn’t the rally; if we wanted to cover a rally of crazed racists, we’d just have to wait a week before yet another egotistic nationalist group would appear with ten people for a “march on washington” or a “march to reclaim the constitution” or some other flowery, ironically quasi-maoist example of what they intended to be a name to represent an event that would be revered among their kin for ages, but inevitably winds up being a sad example of delusional thinking. Ok, I thought, you keep trying to raise an armed force of thousands who’ll force the government to reverse 1930’s supreme court decisions about tarriffs on interstate grain traffic, and I’ll act interested.

The rally wasn’t the story, the story was around the rally. What would possess normal, freedom-loving Americans to implement a law that not only doesn’t affect the people it’s advertised to affect, but it hurts the people it’s supposed to indemnify? That was our plan, anyway– but people who let their emotions rule them– such as the emotion of living in mortal fear of people with skintones darker than freshly bleached linens– seldom allow your plans to go unscathed.

I had been looking forward to this trip as soon as the possibility reared its head. I had only left the eastern time zone of North America once, for a trip in my youth to Alaska– and every time I had made any plans to jump in my car and chase the sun down to its western horizon, fate intervened and crushed my plans. It was with a fair amount of discomfort that I learned that one of the major sponsors of this event had pulled out. Americans for Legal Immigration Reform– a group that declared conservative senator Lindsey Graham to be a closeted homosexual because of his support for immigrant rights– had dropped its sponsorship of the June 5th rally and declared that the rally was rescheduled for the twelfth, which effectively excised my participation in this trip like a rectal polyp. Goodby, western adventure.

ALIPAC was keeping mum about the motivations behind their cancellation, but we knew the score. A few days earlier, an article had been posted that laid bare the nature of the man who was in charge of organizing the entire June 5th event– who he was, what company he kept, who he had as friends on facebook and his racist past. ALIPAC read this, of course– and followed up by doublechecking all of this information with their own, which resulted in ALIPAC attempting to steal the thunder from their original organizer. This thorn in the side of ALIPAC, this mote in the eye of the anti-immigration movement was a man named Daniel Smeriglio. A more stereotypical example of racist Jersey trash you’d be hard pressed to find– Smeriglio was every bit the common perception of a bigoted Italian– loud, fat and entirely clueless to the fact that he and his family were the product of immigration. Would this be one hundred years ago, Smeriglio and his compatriots would be fighting the opposite side of this fight, trying to combat the negative stereotype of the looming specter of illegal *italian* immigration. This rally was his brainchild, and he had amassed a hefty tome of endorsements and speakers– the crown jewel of which was ALIPAC, the one group outside F.A.I.R. that had enough national clout to provide his foolish crusade with enough legitimacy to eke a mention in the straight press. Of course, this is all relative; ALIPAC had recently been under tough financial straits and recent pronouncements about the link between Lindsey Graham’s sexuality and his support for immigration reform had garnered nothing more than snickers from some media outlets. What’s that, you said? ALIPAC became uncomfortable with its participation in an event because it made them look bad? Whatever was in that article was serious enough that the loose-with-the facts ALIPAC found cause to not only drop Smeriglio like a sack of boiling urine, but stage another rally a week later with the intent of damaging Smeriglio’s attendance.

Smeriglio’s creaking, rusting political machine began to spin up. For all of their hackneyed teabagger tropes and hand-wringing about being “frustrated with politics as usual,” Smeriglio’s crowd naturally slotted into the duties of a well-organized spin machine. A statement from their keynote speaker, press releases to any outlet that would listen and a torrent of mean and nasty things about the horrible, awful forces of evil and opposition that would stop at nothing to crush whatever masturbatory fantasy they were furiously jacking off to. This is typical of all political campaigns, and Smeriglio handled this as if he were running for office, not planning a pisser of a rally in the middle of the fucking desert. The dance steps go like this: unfriendly news about you or your campaign reaches the public, you play dumb and claim not to know whoever it was you were accused of associating with; still photographs and video of you doing whatever it was you were accused of doing with whoever it was– in public no less, you claim that you can’t keep track of random people who are at your own events, regardless if the videos show said people operating bullhorns with your organization’s name plastered on the side in big, legible letters; you issue acrid press releases about the vile terrorism you are receiving at the hands of the dirty, unwashed mob that’s come for your virtuous and virgin anus; more information surfaces, namely said unseemly people brag about being officially endorsed by your group; your more legitimate friends issue statements praising your moral fortitude and condemning the inquisition-level torture being visited upon you by said evil forces, et cetera ad nauseum. This process goes on until the media– which never really cared about pissants like you to begin with– mercifully pulls the fucking plug on the abomination you life has become. At this point, it’s time for you to bitch about being suppressed by the conspiracy-controlled Media, and you fade into obscurity.

Smeriglio, of course, took this exact track and his speakers began to feel the burn– with the apparent withdrawal of the only politician on his roster that wasn’t a comfortable incumbent or a washed-up has been, McCain challenger JD Hayworth. Hayworth had backed out of the rally and we felt pretty smug– only to learn that what had really happened was Smeriglio had pushed his rally back one hour, from three to six, while Hayworth was to hold a fundraiser and barbecue from seven to nine– at the exact same location on the exact same day as Smeriglio’s rally. Smeriglio’s rally was nothing that Hayworth wanted to be associated with, but he still wanted to leech money and scab votes from that crowd– thus proving the Subgenius truism, “they may be Pink, but their money is Green.” We got a laugh out of that one. We laughed even harder when we discovered that a sympathetic politics columnist started on the track of claiming McCain was responsible for the nazi rumors around Smeriglio’s rally. McCain?! We worked for McCain now? Where’s our fucking money?!

Their machine churned on, collecting two more speakers– a straw-haired beast with a face like someone perpetually smelling boiled cauliflower named Rosemary Jenks from NumbersUSA and a fat wreck of a state congressman from Pennsylvania– Daryl Metcalfe. Metcalfe is a badly drawn caricature of a movie-style evil politician, voting against the state’s attempt to have October declared “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” because the bill “had language in it that brought men into the situation” which Metcalfe saw as evidence of a homosexual conspiracy. Furthering his reputation as a grumpy coot, Metcalfe also bravely stood as a vanguard against the rising tide of islamofascism by courageously opposing the automatic and routine process of Pennsylvania recognizing the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of a Muslim organization in Harrisburg because Muslims “do not recognize Jesus Christ as God.” Metcalfe also railed against veterans who supported a clean energy public affairs campaign, calling anyone who signed on to “Operation FREE” as “lending their name to promote the leftist propaganda of global warming and climate change” and “traitor[s] to the oath he or she took to defend the Constitution.” It is no surprise that Metcalfe introduced toxic legislation similar to Arizona’s SB1070 to Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives. So, he’s a cranky, xenophobic politician– big whoop, they’re a dime-a-dozen.

Rosemary Jenks, however, represents something different. You see, Jenks was there as an official representative of NumbersUSA, which exists to stem all immigration, legal or otherwise. NumbersUSA is part of an umbrella organization that contains FAIR, IRLI and Social Contract press, all of which are nominally helmed by John Tanton. John Tanton draws most of his support from a bizarre funding source: the Colcom foundation. So what, right? Who cares about a wonky policy group getting money from a foundation? Shit like this happens all the time.

Glenn Beck has given investigative reporting a bad name– any idiot with a blackboard can draw connections between meaningless points and make it look like evidence of a massive conspiracy– at the expense of people who really do connect salient points to demonstrate a chain of command or funding stream. So, I understand that you might discard this as more ridiculous pablum, but you’d be wrong; I’ve got the papers to prove it. Colcom is a foundation set up by the late Cordelia Scaife May, a relative of noted cretin Richard Mellon-Scaife– he of the “communist cunt” remark. Colcom, which refers to itself as a “conservation organization” was started after Cordelia reportedly read the works of Margaret Sanger and became convinced that the key threat to the environment was overpopulation. Ok, fair enough– overpopulation really IS an environmental issue, and if Colcom was dedicated to stemming our runaway birthrate by donating to family planning organizations, there wouldn’t be a story. Instead– operating under the delusion that only brown people are capable of littering– Colcom has decided that overpopulation is actually entirely caused by immigration, and it is to anti-immigration causes that Colcom donates nearly half of its yearly activity. Consequently, from 2006 thru 2008, Colcom donated the princely sum of zero dollars to family planning organizations and 29.8 million to anti-immigrant campaigns; most of that went directly to John Tanton and NumbersUSA. Rosemary Jenks is not just another rich, priveleged white woman annoyed that her landscapers might be treated like humans, but she represents large, moneyed interests at play. Perhaps the only aspect of this rally that is somewhat suprising is the smaller role that these Tanton-helmed groups are playing, considering the Tanton-backed Immigration Reform Law Insitute is responsible for drafting SB1070-esque legislation all across the country with help from the Daryl Metcalfes of the world. After all of that, the best NumbersUSA did was sponsor the rally and provide a lower-level agent to speak; they didn’t even provide Roy Beck, their biggest mouthpeice. Oh yes, this trip was happening, I was happening, life was happening. Viva la Vida!

About the “third way”

-If you express solidarity with oppressed people, do so out of compassion for them– not because you hate the ethnicity of the oppressor. If the roots of your solidarity come from the desire to woo people to your form of genocide, you are a liar and you are my enemy.

-Fascists and nazis would have you believe their way is the “third way” or the middle road. It is not. Fascism is capitalism with the gloves off, as they say. The “middle road” between fascism and “communism” (which they use as a catch-all term for anti-authoritarianism, regardless if it’s stalinist communism) is capitalism. It is only this because it combines the worst attributes from both wings into one mess.

-You cannot be against capitalism and for fascism. I suppose this illustrates the stupidity of modern fascists; Mussolini himself referred to fascism as “corporatism.” To that end, “anti-capitalist” fascists are lying to you and to themselves.

-Modern fascism disguises itself as “the third way.” This combines anti-capitalist and leftist-populist rhetoric with right wing mysticism and nationalist-paleoconservative foundations. This is evident with the founders of current extremist right-wing groups like Youth For Western Civilization (Kevin DeAnna) being a member of an Asatru group. This is also evident in historically conservative organizations issuing statements about the Israel-Palestine conflict that are essentially identical to those issued by leftist groups; the difference being that the conservative organizations do not hold these points of view out of compassion for Palestinian suffering, but from an animosity towards Jews.

-Modern fascists openly co-opt leftist figures to suit their own needs. White supremacists frequently invoke Rachel Corrie as fodder for their anti-Jew, anti-Marxist screeds, when Rachel Corrie was brought up in the very same “anti-white” and “judeo-bolshevik” environment they condemn. This practice is nothing new– Hitler invoked the name of proto-communist Florian Geyer as an example of German heritage, even though by that point he had been praised as a communist revolutionary by Engels and was featured in the international Marxist anthem “We are the Black Band of Geyer”

-The reason people confuse and conflate “communism” and “fascism” and use them to describe all sorts of practices and tactics– and to slander anything they don’t like– is because they do not understand the economics behind these two systems. Communism and Fascism are distincit economic systems that have little in common. Where they are similar is in social terms– both authoritarian communism and fascism are reactionary and socially conservative systems that have their end results be the state exert its control over the individual.

-The corporation AND the state are mechanisms of oppressive authoritarianism, and anyone who doesn’t think Microsoft or Monsanto is drooling at the prospect of having a private army to enforce their profit margins is either naive or lying.

-Fundamentalist christians with money and political power honestly believe that a literal state of Israel needs to exist for the literal return of Jesus Christ. These fundamentalists control a significant voting block. When religious conservative politicians talk of defending Israel, they are really pandering to the genocidal fantasies of their fundamentalist constituents. I say genocidal because the other half of that myth is that after Christ returns, he will immediately slaughter two thirds of all Jews, and then convert the last third. This is why the US supports Israel, not because of some ridiculous fantasy cooked up by Tsarists to discredit the Bolsheviks.

-Dogmatic systems like Ayn Rand’s are not intended to be picked over for what works and what doesn’t– they are complete works that you must accept in whole or else you’re a heretic. One’s followers are their legacy, so criticism of them is legitimate, especially in the context of their faithfulness to the original doctrine. If they doing everything Rand told them to do and they’re still a bunch of fanatical drones, then Rand’s religion is at fault.

-Religion got you into this mess. Religion will keep you in this mess. If you make statements about demolishing all mosques, anybody can make that same statement about their own religious structures and use it as a political tool to trick people into committing atrocities, whether it’s blowing up a market with a bag of dynamite or blowing up schools with laser-guided munitions.

-Most people in America today wouldn’t know socialism if it swam up their urine stream and lodged itself in their urethra. Providing health coverage to uninsured Americans isn’t socialism– even the piss-poor watered down shit that they’re trying to pass now isn’t even close to socialism. Voting democrats into office isn’t socialism. Nancy Pelosi is not a socialist. Weak-assed democrats who cave to shitbag republicans even when they have numerical superiority in both houses is not socialism. Socialism is not fascism, nor is it “national socialism”– even though the inclusion of “socialism” seems to baffle the fuck out of goddamned morons who’ve never picked up a fucking encyclopedia to see that they’re entirely antithetical.

-Obama is a HAWKISH CENTER-LEFT POLITICIAN, not the second coming of Stalin. Fascism and nazism are inherently conservative ideologies, albeit in a revolutionary form.

-Where the hell were the teabaggers for the past eight years? Warrant-less wiretapping, dissidents placed on terrorist watch lists, American citizens being spied on by their own government, the widespread use of torture, a war of aggression against –and– illegal occupation of a sovereign nation, corrupt regulatory agencies, imprisonment of journalists and allowing a major city to drown because of corruption– NONE OF THAT inspired any piss-poor “patriot” to get off their shingles-ridden asses, but A GOT-DANGED IZLAMIK DARKIE FRUM KENYA RAISIN TH TAXES ON MAH BOSS is enough for you people to start talking about an armed revolt? And you claim you’re not racist?

-The only rights that capitalists are interested in are the rights of corporations to extract higher profits from consumers. Capitalistic libertarianism inevitably leads to corporate tyranny, with the corporation supplanting the state. Hence, I will not have an advocate of libertarian capitalism tell me anything about my individual rights– it’s like Ingrid Newkirk giving me recipes for VEAL.

“Anarcho-Capitalism” is not anarchism.

I have noticed a growing number of individuals who, for whatever reason, think that espousing stateless “free market” capitalism while professing “liberal” social views is the same thing as “anarchism.” It’s not. Anarchism– even though it does comprise a great many points of view– is not and will not be in anyway compatible with any form of capitalism, no matter what guise capitalism hides under. Agorism, lassiesz faire capitalism, anarcho-capitalism and market anarchism are all variants of the same load of neo-libertarian thought that seeks lesser regulations for corporations under the guise of “freedom and liberty.” As such, they are diametrically opposed to every tenet of Anarchism, being that Anarchism is directly opposed to capitalism in all of its forms.

This trend is the product of the bush years, when people with good intentions –but lacking experience with critical thinking– poured into the anti-war movement. Motivated primarily by an emotional reaction to the prospect of an illegal war of aggression, the common theme was that if a pundit or philosophy was nominally anti-bush and/or anti-war, they were an ally in the fight. In a general sense, this is true– many hands make light work, after all. Unfortunately, lots of these groups were anti-war and anti-bush for reasons other than a moral opposition to war. These groups now enjoy a membership base that fervently clings to them out of either the desire to keep the righteous feeling of the early 2000’s going– or are the product of a poor investigative spirit. Hence, libertarian-type groups have seen a surge in membership motivated not by the desire to see unregulated capitalism, but by the desire for drug legalization and greater gun rights. These members dutifully reproduce libertarian talking points out of the mistaken belief that looser restrictions on corporations produces greater freedom for the common citizen.

This amounts to little more than another variant of third position/third way thought. Stateless capitalism thus has much in common with other farcical groups like the “national anarchists” who have no problem in melding two wildly-disparate thoughts under one shambolic monstrosity that exists in a perpetual state of suffering under the hypocritical weight of its very existence. Indeed, as “national anarchists” wish to see no state to govern their racial hatred, neither do the “anarchist capitalists” wish to see any state curtail the world-consuming greed of the corporations they serve.

The anarcho-capitalist couches their rhetoric in the mistaken belief that simply being “anti-state” is all that should qualify a mode of thought as Anarchist. This completely glosses over the fact that in hyper-evolved capitalism–such as we see in the world now– the corporation exists as a de-facto state. In the utopian scheme of the anarcho-capitalist, were society to start again from a blank slate, they argue that the “market anarchist” system would prevent corporations and monopolies from forming. This ignores two key elements:

-Corporations and monopolies are able to form under a restricted marketplace; given an unrestricted marketplace, their growth would be exponential in size and rate.

-Society isn’t starting from scratch! Corporations and monopolies exist NOW, and are drooling over the concept of more freedom for them to control all aspects of the lives of their consumers.

Corporate freedom isn’t freedom— it’s trading the superficially accountable public tyranny of the state for the wholly unaccountable private tyranny of the corporation. All companies have by-laws and regulations that, when infringed, result in punishment or termination; people who engage in “anti-company” activity can be blacklisted from finding employment, companies have “courts” and persons who enforce their laws, and they have all other trappings of The State: anthems, flags, uniforms and restrictions on speech and actions while on company time. Whether this new crop of pseudo-libertarian capitalists realizes this aspect of the rhetoric they’re parroting is unclear,but reprinting talking points from advocates for stateless capitalism does not make one an “anarchist.”