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Why do I even bother listening to this show?

I have come to the earth shattering conclusion that Coast to Coast AM is little more than a collection of people with very little familiarity with science attempting to:

-Comprehend the as-yet unexplained world around them with fairy stories

-Use what little knowledge they may have of the scientific method to “do science” to these fairy stories in order to make them sound like they have some sort of academic worth.

Case in point: tonight featured a segment about spontaneous human combustion, wherein the guest postulated that spontaneous human combustion could be the result of the atoms of water molecules inside the human body being split into hydrogen and oxygen, thus producing a release of stored energy.

Callers suggested that what might happening is that all of the sodium in the human body— in the form of salt— reacted poorly with the water and produced a typical sodium-water reaction, namely an explosion. The caller did know that salt and sodium are two different materials, but didn’t understand that sodium doesn’t simply “have one extra particle” to it and can’t just freely disassociate itself from chlorine to form pure sodium. If that was the case, the formation of pure chlorine in the body would probably kill the person faster than the sodium-water explosion would, and even then there are a myriad other substances for the sodium to bond with.

The guest then went on to theorize that instead what may be happening in spontaneous human combustion is a release of such tremendous energy that a quantum entanglement event may actually be occurring. This, unfortunately, does not satisfy any inquiry as to why an event of such astonishing cosmic significance that it cannot yet be produced in the largest particle accelerators happens in the extremely localized and absurdly specific location of inside a random human being and does not go on to affect the surrounding twenty-mile vicinity.

So, to explain the burning deaths of people who most likely died as a result of prosaic means (candles, cigarettes, electric blankets), people will utilize every single explanation regardless of its plausibility. The biggest question is not why people spontaneously combust, but why people honestly believe nuclear fission is capable of occurring inside peoples’ bodies.